Saturday, June 13, 2015

What I packed in my hospital bag.

I will officially be 37 weeks tomorrow and since KJ was born at 37 weeks I decided to pack up my hospital bag. I had the best list I used for KJ's birth but after searching the net for an hour I wasn't able to locate the one for me so I decided to make me own and save it to share with my friends along with if we ever decide to have more children. I skipped some of the things different sites recommend like reading material and music but that's me personally if it is something you feel you need take it with you. 
 I took pictures of most of the items since a visual is almost always best. 

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste,razor, shaving cream, shampoo/conditioner (I currently use a 2 in 1 cowash), hair ties, deodorant, lotion,Chapstick, nipple cream, contact solution, extra contacts, eye glasses, and tucks pad (tmi but if you don't have them by now the pushing will definitely bring on the hemorrhoids). 
I don't have a picture of my face and body wash, though the hospital has soap it isn't my favorite so I bring my own.  I saw some sites recommend makeup but I honestly didn't have the energy for it during our 3 days there, and I doubt I will this time around either.

When you get to the hospital you will most likely put on their hospital gown however after the baby is born you want to be comfortable and look nice for pictures so here are my recommendations for mommies. Comfortable pajamas, a robe, nursing bra (even if you don't think that you will breastfed it is good to have one just in case), nursing pads, nursing tank, comfy socks, underwear (though I love the mesh panties my hospital supplies), shower shoes (I'm using and old pair of flip flops). 

The hospital we are scheduled to have our son provides onesies, diapers and they give him his first bath. They didn't have wipes just some 4x4 that we can wet and use but I'm spoiled and prefer the wipes so here are the things we brought for the baby. 
Wipes, going home outfit (baby J is due July 5th so this is a festive red,white and blue outfit) a blanket, boppy pillow (if you are going to nurse this is a must, I had the hardest time the first few months trying to nurse without it), burp cloth and nursing cover.

Here are a few other things that mommies will need. A mommy going home outfit (don't try to fit into your prepregnancy wardrobe, something from maybe your 6 months, in my case these are clothes I had before my 42lb weight loss) I have a pair of flats I can't pull off the Princess Kate 3 inch heels, I have heavy duty pads (though the hospital does provide some; if I run out of the pads I also have a depends underwear for going home in case you haven't heard the first week after birth it seems as though your body makes up for the 9 months prior), camera with sims card, camera charger, cell phone and cellphone charger.

I don't have pictures of the paperwork that you need; your ID (drivers license), insurance card and pediatrician information. I didn't need my birth plan with my son and didn't even make one this time around but if it makes you feel better to have it, bring it with you.

Most important thing is a car seat you can't leave the hospital without one so have it ready, we will be installing ours this week. 

Well now that's done we will just sit back and wait. Praying for the best for our baby and a speedy delivery and recovery for me. Can't wait to meet our new blessing! 

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