Monday, March 13, 2017

From walker to racer

In the past I have made resolutions and only succeeded partially but today I feel a strong need for change and improvement not just for me but others like me.  I decided about 2 weeks ago that I wanted to train to run a marathon. I spent hours reading articles and looking through Facebook and Instagram of all the many others that have gone and are going through this process. I felt so motivated and excited but the more research I did the more I started to doubt my success, you see the advice and training tips that I was receiving was coming from athletes. Many didn't understand the struggles of being overweight or suffered through chafing. Would never understand what it feels like to want to cry when you can't catch your breath after a few minutes of jogging. While reading about these amazing runners I heard struggles of going through too many sneakers before a big race or improving their PR times by 15 minutes.  In my lifetime I have never worn out a pair of sneakers, I usually tossed them when they no longer fit and though I have improved my PR (personal record, for those who needed google to clarify like me) time in the year I did my first 10 K to a year later when I did my second, that was the last race I ran and I was still doing 10 minute miles.  I did read through a handful of people who have also transformed their lives and are now inspiring others to do the same. I decided that I too can motivate and inspire. I am the mother of three children, a preteen, a 4 year old with special needs and the youngest is still breastfeeding. I have 2 jobs as a nurse working 36-60 hours a week. I'm going back to school for my bachelors. I have an awesome husband who I plan on spending more time with. Our family just moved cross country and figuring out our new environment. With all of these things on my plate I still plan on changing my life and becoming the athlete I see myself being. I will run races, obstacles courses and marathons and be amazing at them. I am no longer doubtful, I am excited for this journey and others that will do it with me. So I changed my instagram and blog name and only kept 10 entries from my previous life. I am No longer a slow running mama I am an athletic racer! If Ann can, you can.