Friday, August 29, 2014

Running update and my insane inflatable 5K

Yes I've taken a break from blogging but not a break from running I'm doing so much better now.  I can officially run 4 miles without stopping!!! I've also done a  mile in 9 mins 45 secs; my new goal is 2 miles and 20mins which I hope to accomplish by the end of this month.  At this pace I hope to reach my 6 miles in an hour goal by my 10K in November.  Not only have I been practicing but I've also did a race. The Insane Inflatable 5K in  Atlantic City  is probably the most fun I've ever had running.  It involves about 12 obstacles in between a 3 mile run. There was no time limit but I still ran between obstacles.  I didn't take my camera/phone  with me because I did not know what to expect and did not want to damage it however I will for the next time I do this it was a lot of fun and would have loved to recorded it.  I think Kenny may even do it with me next year he seemed all for it.  

As of today I'm not signed up anything else except for the November 10k  NorcrossBridge Run to support Larc school.   I may look into doing something in September and October as well, it has just been extra busy here. Why do you ask?? Oh because Kenny and I decided to get married this year. No it is not a shotgun wedding but a quick one. None of the big bells and whistles of a regular ceremony/reception but beautiful with family and friends and will be together and that's all that matters.  Since it's only 43 days away I have a lot of planning to do but I'll update that later here are some pictures from the 5K.