Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lessons you taught me

Tiffany was student of the week this week and part of it the parent is assign to write a letter to the child which the teacher will read in front of the class. I started with a tearful poem about adoption then wrote a song about Tiffany, since she wants to be a singer. Both ideas didn’t seem to fit me or her but I couldn’t come up with anything else. I went onto Facebook and saw one of my friends posted something funny her child had said. It gave me an idea, Tiffany says funny things all the time! So this is the letter I wrote. Dear Tiffany, I remember the day I first met you, you were an adorable little baby with a huge smile that made others want to smile. I wish then that I would have a beautiful baby just like you someday; didn’t know that God took my words literally. Due to life circumstances I became a mom of a toddler overnight. You didn’t come with an instruction book but you have taught me many lessons along the way. Here are 10 of my favorite things I learned from you. Lesson 1) Children need to be spoke to clearly and defined any big words. Tiffany is throwing her toys into her toy box. Me: “Please put your toys away gently.” Tiffany continues throwing her toys. Me: “Tiffany didn’t you hear me.” Tiffany: “Yes mommy I’m putting away my toys. I don’t know what gently means though.” Lesson 2) Children have a wild imagination. Me: speaking to 3year old Tiffany. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Tiffany: “ A horse.” Me: a little confused, “A horse rider??” Tiffany: “No, A HORSE!” Lesson 3) Children don’t know homonyms. Me: “Tiffany I don’t want to see you walking around in bare feet.” Tiffany: “I’m not walking around in bear feet, I’m walking around in little girl feet.” Lesson 4) Children can make friends easily. Tiffany: “Mommy can I play with my friend over there (pointing at a little girl on the other side of the playground)” Me: “Sure, what’s her name?” Tiffany: yelling at the little girl, “HEY FRIEND, WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” Lesson 5) Children have many, many, many questions, and some answers you aren’t even sure are right. Tiff: "Mommy where do apples come from?" Me: "Apple trees" Tiffany: "Where do apple tress come from?" Me: "Apple seeds" Tiffany: "Mommy where do apple seed come from?" Me: "Apples" Tiff: "Oh mommy"(shakes her head). Lesson 6) Children want to learn Tiffany: "Mommy, I want you to teach me more Spanish." Me: "Que quieres aprender?(what do you want to learn)" Tiffany: "Spanish! I just said that!" Lesson 7) Be careful what you say children are always listening A driver cut me off and I honked the horn; Tiffany "Who was that?" Me "An awful driver!" Tiffany "Oh, she must be from Philadelphia." Lesson 8) Children don’t always want to be the underdog After the Eagles didn't make it to the play off, we decided to cheer for the Jets, since that didn't work out we are cheering for the Saints during the Super bowl. After having to remember a 3rd team this season Tiffany became frustrated and asked, "Mommy can we cheer for a team that wins?!" Lesson 9) Children know a little about math Tiffany: “Daddy how old are you?” Daddy: “5 like you.” Tiffany: “ Oh, you are two 5s?” Lesson 10) Children understand time and are too smart. Got a call from our school district to inform us that due to weather condition there will be no school tomorrow. I let Tiffany know this and she does a little celebration dance. I remind her that she is going to have to make up the day at the end of the year. She states: "At the end of the year, teachers aren't giving homework and class work is usually puzzles unless we watch movies and eat snacks, so I rather make it up then." Tiffany it has been so wonderful being your mom, and I have learned so much from you. You are a wonderful daughter and great big sister. I know you tell me that I miss so much like your first words and first steps, but I have been there for so much. Your first day of school, when you lost your first tooth, your first airplane ride and the first time you called me mommy. Plus I will be there for your first date, your high school and college graduation, your wedding and when you have children of your own. Thank you for all you taught us and will continue to teach us, hopefully you learned a few things along the way too. Love always, Mom

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